Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Multicopter, rebuild (Part 7)

It's back on the chain gang with the multicopter. Now that the bits have made it here from China! 

This new version has a different frame. The "Gyrobot Spyda design" which should make it easier for me to determine where the front is when it is in the air at a distance. It now has the original spec. motors and speed controllers of the correct power rating and which also sample the speed demands at a much higher rate (SimonK firmware). Additionally, I've added a Gopro as an onboard HD camera and this is connected to a video transmitter. Mounted onto the transmitter is the receiver/monitor for the onboard video.

One of the shortcomings of this arrangement is that there are now 5 separate batteries to keep charged: The control transmitter, the Quadcopter flight battery, the video monitor battery, the video transmitter battery and the battery in the Gopro itself. Only two of these are flight critical but it's really not worth going flying unless all 5 are fully charged.

Anyway, after a whole load of faffing about doing many little jobs that look like they should take 5 minutes but end up taking hours the thing is ready to fly again. In fact it has already done a couple of 'hops' in the cellar. I'll probably discover some more bits that want tweaking but it should be ready for some serious test flying for this weekend, weather permitting.  

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